The AdStation Vacation

Come with AdStation to New Orleans for a 4 day getaway including a private dinner party with celebrity chef Susan Spicer!
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Big Mailers in the Big Easy!

Shut down the computer and pack your bags, because Adknowledge wants to take you to New Orleans! That’s right! We’re taking TEN of our partners on a fantastic, jazz-powered, Cajun-enriched trip to the amazing city of New Orleans!

Highlights of the trip include: A private dinner party at Bayona, hosted personally by Susan Spicer; an alligator feeding swamp excursion; as well as a wickedly fun tour of New Orleans’ sizzling darker side to cap things off. Drinks, food, friends and fun await the winners!

Renowned New Orleans chef, Susan Spicer is preparing a private dinner party for AdStation Contest winners at her award winning restaurant Bayona. Winners will dine on a custom menu especially created for them, special wines, a demonstration at the table by Susan Spicer on how to prepare a thing or two. Susan will also sign a copy of her cookbook, “Crescent City Cooking,” for everyone in attendance.


  • Our top FIVE highest revenue earners!*
  • Our top FOUR highest incremental growers!*
  • And the AdStation ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!*



  • The winners will depart Thursday, October 17th, and return Sunday, October 20th.
  • That’s FOUR DAYS and THREE NIGHTS in the BIG EASY!
  • The promotion runs from May 1st to August 31st!




  • This promotion is only for Adknowledge publishers running the Adstation Integrated product (“AI”).
  • To be eligible to participate in this promotion, a publisher must have earned at least $5,000 in the month of April, 2013 from Adknowledge (except for Rookie of the Year) and must earn average AI revenue of at least $10,000 per month over the entire four months of the contest (May – August, 2013).
  • Prizes:
    • Top Five (5) Highest Revenue Earners – five winners will be determined by the total revenue earned by the publisher through AI during the months May – August, 2013. If a publisher has multiple AI accounts, the total revenue will be calculated by adding together revenues from all associated AI accounts. Additionally, each winning publisher’s monthly average AI revenue (May – August, 2013) must equal or exceed their April 2013 AI revenue.
    • Top Four (4) Highest Incremental Growers – four winners will be determined by taking each publisher’s average AI revenue growth rate for the months of May, June, July, and August, 2013, and comparing that average to the publisher’s April 2013 earned revenue. If a publisher has multiple AI accounts, the average will be calculated across all associated accounts and compared to the publisher’s actual April 2013 AI revenue for all associated accounts.
    • “Rookie of the Year” – the winner of this prize will be an entirely arbitrary choice selected by Adknowledge staff. No Minimum April 2013 AI revenue is required to win Rookie of the Year. The winner will be selected based on the spirit of partnership and collaboration.
  • If a winner has multiple individuals using its Adknowledge publisher account(s), the winner will have to designate one individual to go on the trip. Regardless, the chosen winner must be associated with the publisher’s day to day business with Adknowledge.
  • Publishers must remain in compliance with all applicable terms, conditions, campaign specifications and legal compliance requirements to be eligible to win. Fraud or non-compliance during the term of the promotion will result in penalties, including but not limited to, disqualification from the promotion. Adknowledge reserves the right to make ultimate determinations regarding contest winners.
  • Each publisher may only win one prize in this promotion.
  • The trip dates are not flexible. The awarded trip may not be exchanged for cash value. All winners must be 21 years of age or older. All travel paid for by Adknowledge must originate in the United States.
  • All winners will be required to sign a waiver of liability.



Let’s say you earned AI revenues of $62,000 in April. You would try to average more over the next four months, than you made in April. In May you make 77k. In June 73k. In July 78k, and in August 81k. Your average earnings for the four months of the promotion would be $77,250. This would be a $15,250 average incremental growth, or a 24% increase over your earnings in April.

Contact your account manager today to find out how they can help you win!


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