Churn Rate and Its Effect on Business

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How do you calculate whether your marketing efforts are working? Do you look at your email open rates? Do you check your click-through percentages? Have you ever calculated your churn rate? Do you know the lifetime value of a customer? These are all effective ways to tell if your marketing efforts are causing the desired results. An important factor to any …


Email Marketing & Display Ads

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With the world continually evolving in a more technologically advanced way, it is becoming more and more important to remain focused on how we are engaging with clients, current and prospective.   Email campaigns have been the most affordable way to advertise to consumers for many years running. And many marketing managers continue to see this as the trend. So, what …


Not all Emails are Created Equal

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It is sad but true, that not all emails are equally represented across the board.  Why is that? Because what is deemed critical and what performs the best amongst consumers differs quite dramatically. Let’s take a look at why some emails that are considered less importance to a business are actually highly important to the consumer. When looking at the …