Adknowledge Offers Free Mobile Optimization for All CPA Advertisers

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Leading digital marketplace finds increased conversion through program. KANSAS CITY, Mo. – February 19, 2013 – Today AdStation, Adknowledge’s Performance Email Network, announced the launch of its new “Mobile Optimization Initiative,” a program giving members of its advertising network free optimization of their CPA creatives to help increase conversions.  AdStation testing delivered up to 40% increases in conversions with mobile-optimized …

Avoid Being Snowed Under by CPA Marketing

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Even though it’s been around for awhile, CPA marketing draws a lot of attention, especially from newcomers to the industry. It requires very little in terms of start up costs, and it can be extremely profitable. CPA is how merchants measure the cost incurred during the process of converting a site visitor into a paying customer. Using the CPA method, …


CPA vs. CPC: There Can be Only One

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It’s a classic matchup. Jolie vs. Aniston, Wolverine vs. Hulk, CPA vs. CPC. If you ask affiliate marketers their opinion on the topic, you risk awakening their inner Manson. A plethora of platitudes and profanity will rain down upon you as your frightened mind races to find a means to somehow withdraw the question entirely. Despite the prevailing logic behind …