5 Tips for Great Email Campaigns

By AdStation | March 3rd, 2016 | Categories: Email Marketing
Email Campaigns

We’ve been reflecting on what has been working and what we can improve upon when it comes to great email campaigns. We would like to think that all of our emails are opened and read and the appropriate actions were taken, but we are also realistic. When we start to analyze the information, it is clear that some of the most basic principles are still proving to yield the best results.

1. Be genuine and show your email recipients that you care.

This looks different based on your business model, but the general principle is the same. Do not waste your time or your consumer’s time with unnecessary information or too many emails.  Be considerate of their inbox by giving them what they want, when they need it. Look to decrease the noise for your customers.  Whether you are providing great copy and content, have invested in strong branding that has led to consumer loyalty, or are using data to monitor behaviors, make sure that you are improving the customer experience and perception.

2. Tell your reader what to do next.

By answering the question “What do I do next?” you are taking away a major hurdle that consumers face with bad emails. You have to know what you want out of great email campaigns and not be afraid to make it very clear within the email what you would like your reader to do.  Whether you are looking to convert them to your website, complete a survey, or download something. With all of the choices people are faced with daily, it is important to be upfront about what action you are requesting.

3. Make your action item obvious.

Similar to number two, make your action item obvious by using buttons or icons with the instruction clearly labeled.  Include the download link in the email.  Use design and color changes within your email to make the action stand out.

4. Provide value to your reader.

Whether that value is information or product-related, know your audience and provide them with information that they perceive as valuable. The value proposition of your emails should be similar to that of your company. If your mission is to make people’s lives less stressful, then provide them with tips on stress relief and don’t inundate them with too much information at once – which can cause them stress.  Giving your reader something they want will also increase your brand loyalty because you have proven yourself to be a trusted adviser.

5. Say thank you.

Show your email recipients that you are thankful for them as users, subscribers, customers, etc. Tell them you appreciate their patronage and what it has meant to your business. Show your gratitude. This simple act (and an unfortunate one to have to remind people of) can go a long way with reminding your reader of your company’s value.  Whether you want to thank people individually or collectively, the simple act can be a great reminder to customers.

These are just a few of the categories that we have identified when looking at the basics but that are still yielding fantastic open rates and producing conversions in great email campaigns.  At the end of the day, readers need to be bothered less, given perceived value with easy-to-follow instructions, and recognized as valuable through being thanked.