6 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Landing Pages

By AdStation | January 16th, 2013 | Categories: Affiliate Marketing

Landing pages represent the tipping point for affiliate marketers. When a potential customer reaches a landing page, he is either going to go all the way or click away. After arriving on a page, it takes a customer about 5 seconds to make the decision. If your data shows more abandonments than conversions, you might be making these deadly landing page mistakes.

Too Many Options. You might see multiple options as helpful, but your customers see them as confusing, often overwhelming. If your landing page doesn’t offer one dominant path to a sale, you are one click away from losing revenue. People land on your pages with the expectation they will immediately find what they are looking for. They don’t have the time or the patience to search around. Make it easy for them by creating one clear, concise purchasing path. Promoting more than one offer means creating specific landing pages for each one.

Sketchy Street Cred. Once you get traffic to your landing page(s), you must keep them there. To do that, your site must be deemed trustworthy. Product reviews, testimonials, and visible cyber security features are the three best ways to build online credibility.

Your Focus is On Quantity. Instead, zero in on quality. Each target audience deserves a dedicated landing page. Attempts to attract everybody and their brother is a waste of time and money. You need leads that are truly interested in what you have to offer. Remember, your goal is an increased conversion rate, not a record number of impressions. You could drive 500 visitors to your site, but if not a single one is interested, then you’ve lost revenue. But drive 100 quality leads to your site, and you’ve got something cooking.

You Suffer From Snore Syndrome. In other words, your page is boring. You don’t have to jazz it up with blingy ads and dancing monkeys, but you do need to get – and keep – visitors’ attention. Headlines that incorporate fun facts, amazing statistics, or a call to action are a must. Crisp, quality images and relevant content are also part of the package.

It’s a Hot Mess. Consistency across all platforms is key. When people click on an ad or a link that leads them to a landing page, they expect to find the same products and quality that initially nudged them to check it out. Different pricing information, dramatically different product images, or content that isn’t relevant to what they are looking for sending the subliminal message to shoppers something isn’t right. You lose credibility, and you lose a sale.

Clear the Clutter. Your landing pages shouldn’t be cluttered with links, blogs, and ads. Your goal is to keep visitors on the page long enough so that they will complete a sale. Remove any links that might encourage them to navigate away from your page – and the conversion. Once they make the sale, send them to a “thank you” page that contains links to other products they might be interested in.