Always be Blending

By AdStation | July 19th, 2012 | Categories: Email Marketing

People ask me, “Hey, what is the single most important piece of advice you would give me as a mailer?”

My answer? “Floss.” But nearly as important and three times as pertinent would be “Blend.”

Blend. It’s the secret ingredient of all successful mailers. Whether it’s new data, clickers, or creatives, remember the mailer’s mantra- “Always be blending.”

Pretend you’re on a sandy beach. Ocean breeze blowing, drink in your hand… Nice huh? Well, not really. It’s a crowded beach. It’s the internet beach. Millions of people milling about, and a few things going on down by the water that is probably only legal in southern Mississippi. Now, pretend that someone is trying to find you on that beach. Footprints are everywhere. How can someone track you across all those footprints and various marks in the sand?

Exactly. That’s the lesson see? But if you’re out there, walking that beach, dragging a cooler behind you, leaving a giant path, dropping beer cans and Twinkie wrappers as you go, Stevie Wonder could track you.

Easily… At night.

But if you’re blending… ah, you see? Different subject lines… New data… Various from names, etc. You disappear as a mailer. You become just another set of footprints in the sand. Nobody special. No one to pay attention to. Certainly not someone that Stevie Wonder would be following.

So spread your wings and fly! Fly under the radar. And chant while you fly. “Always be blending…” “Always be blending.” See that your server becomes a blending bistro of delicious deliverability.

Oh yeah… And floss.