3 Questions That Will Improve Your List Growth Incentives

By AdStation | July 22nd, 2014 | Categories: Email Marketing
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Growing your email list can be a challenge. Many mailers turn to promotions and giveaways to sweeten the deal for potential subscribers while encouraging them to provide their information. Incentives can be excellent tools for list growth when used correctly — and we can help you do just that by asking a few simple questions.

1. Is the subscriber interested in your content, or your iPad?

Keep in mind that your goal is to have a list of valuable consumers who are interested in your product, service or content. Giveaways of popular electronics or even cold, hard cash are perfect for grabbing attention — but at the end of the day, you’re left with a list of subscribers who are only interested in the prize. When you send more brand-centric content later, they’ll likely find it irrelevant, report it as spam and, ultimately, do more harm to your sender's reputation than good.

So, avoid that. Plan promotions and incentives that closely relate to your brand. Also, be clear in noting that, by providing information, the user is signing up for your list. You can also include a subscription check box and take advantage of a double-opt-in to confirm that the subscriber is aware they’ll be receiving content from you. Being clear and transparent will help to ensure that your new subscribers enjoy more than the promotion prize.

2. Have your new subscribers forgotten you?

Promotion timelines can scale days, weeks or even months. For longer incentive windows, it can be easy for new subscribers to forget what they signed up for. Take advantage of a welcomed opportunity to message your new audience. Triggered messages scheduled for intervals after the initial sign-up can help your audience to be reminded of your promotion — and drive them to return to your site. If you have an opportunity for multiple entries to a giveaway or multiple coupon downloads, tell your users in a brand or newsletter-relevant way. It’s an excellent opportunity to establish that the content they’ll receive is exactly what they expected.

3. What’s next?

Have a plan for your bigger, better list. Collect subscribers with purpose and an intention to contact them regularly with relevant, engaging content. Knowing your strategy for post-promotion communication and having a plan to send high-quality messages will help to build brand equity and a positive sender reputation among your new audience.