Go Responsive with Free Email Frameworks

By AdStation | June 24th, 2014 | Categories: Email Marketing
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Responsive design has grown in necessity as designers and developers aim to create a consistent user experience across the barrage of devices a user touches day today. In email development, that goal is only complicated as we’re challenged to accommodate the unique needs of the ever-growing list of email clients, browsers and apps in circulation.

Even without the responsive element, building an HTML email can be a time-intensive process. Taking an idea from wireframe to distribution may tie up days of your team’s valuable time in brainstorming, design, development, testing and setting up the launch. Add responsive design to that mix and the effort to create great-looking messages can be amplified exponentially. Thankfully, some brilliant minds in the webspace have made the process more efficient with the introduction of responsive email frameworks or boilerplates.

Inspired by the plethora of frameworks that cater to website development, email frameworks provide an HTML and CSS template on which designers and developers can quickly and easily build custom newsletters, promotional messages and more. The use of a framework does require some coding know-how, but for many developers, the foundational elements can significantly expedite dev time and consistency. Because of the standards to which most of them are created, frameworks minimize the time needed for QA and trial-and-error testing while also ensuring a clean, effective presentation across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Offer your customers a consistent user experience regardless of their platform. Test one of these free responsive email templates with your next message distribution.

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HTML email boilerplate






For an even greater performance boost, consider mobile-friendly creative served specifically with your mobile audience in mind. Excellent email marketing team optimized mailings show a 20-30% performance increase when compared to responsive or non-optimized emails.