Mobile Email Offers Out-Performing All Other Email

By AdStation | April 21st, 2015 | Categories: Email Marketing
Mobile Email

New data released in the industry is causing a stir around mobile email. With recent reports stating that mobile email conversion rates jumped 70% in the last year and that offers are the mobile widely preferred content to receive, mailers are quickly jumping on board to deliver mobile-optimized email offers to make money from their lists.

Below are several stats that show just how mobile traffic value is quickly overpowering that of desktop traffic:

  • Mobile traffic now makes up 40% of all email clicks
  • 53% of email opens are on mobile devices
  • Mobile email open rates have risen 180% over the last 3 years
  • 68% of Gmail and Yahoo opens occur on a smartphone or tablet
  • 79% of users use their phone to check email which is more than make phone calls
  • Checking email is the most popular activity done on a smartphone
  • Responsive email design achieves 30% more clicks than non-responsive design
  • However, less than 12% of email newsletters use responsive design
  • Mobile email value has grown 28%
  • Mobile email value growth more than doubles the value of desktop value growth
  • Mobile email value averages 40¢ per click while desktop email value averages 19¢ per click
  • 23% of mobile campaigns are opened more than once
  • When opened multiple times, email messages are 65% more likely to generate clicks
  • 27% prefer to receive special offers via mobile email
  • Offers are the most preferred email message

Clearly, now is the right time to monetize your email data by targeting mobile audiences.