Publisher Premonitions- Predictions From Beyond!

By AdStation | September 26th, 2012 | Categories: Email Marketing

Mobile Communications – Top email trend for 2012-2013

Every day I hear more and more buzz around the office. Killer bees? -Sometimes. But usually, I rest easy knowing it’s the growingly familiar, and somewhat less threatening buzz around mobile marketing. This buzz, which we’ve all heard now, is growing in strength each passing day, and for good reason. How many of you have been waiting in line at the grocery store, riding the subway, or sitting in a doctor’s office and conducting SIBOOYS?— Which is “Significantly Important Business Operations On Your Smartphone.”— I bet it’s quite a number of you, and you have likely witnessed others doing the same.

A study conducted by Nielsen reported that 45 percent of Web mobile use is spent…. Drumroll, please… Checking email! That, combined with the fact that there are 5 billion mobile devices worldwide, and you’re looking at a huge audience and an even broader platform for your campaigns. This isn’t really a prediction as much as a hard fact. The dominance of mobile campaigns, like gravity, is a reality. Period.

Designing for Smartphones

In light of the ever-growing saturation of smartphones in the marketplace, designing campaigns for mobile users is becoming increasingly essential. Plus, there’s more to smartphones than just email. Smartphones have become one of the primary ways to connect socially in this modern age. At present, there are approximately 50 million mobile social network users in the U.S., and that number is predicted to increase a whopping 55 percent by 2015. For the remainder of this year, we are going to witness the increased blending and pairing of mobile marketing and social media.

Social and Mobile

For those of you with tight resources and schedules – don’t panic! Integrating mobile with social doesn’t have to be complicated. As this year rolls on, plan on seeing more and more retailers offering online coupons that can be presented at their brick and mortar locations directly from your phone. –No printing is necessary. This allows companies to present compelling offers to their customers with absolutely zero printing costs.

Remember, in the future, the best way to reach your subscribers will be to hit them where they live. And where do they live? Answer: On the go and on their phone.