What Mobile Email Means for Your CTR

By AdStation | July 16th, 2015 | Categories: Email Marketing
Mobile Email

The term “going mobile” is a thing of the past. We’re mobile. We’re here. We’ve been “going, going…” for quite some time. And, because mobile is nowhere near “gone,” it’s more imperative than ever that mobile engagement is a significant consideration in your marketing strategy — especially in email.

As of January 2015, more email is read on mobile devices than on desktop email clients. Litmus reported that 48% of email is opened on a phone. And with 30% of consumers reading email-exclusive on their mobile devices while 61% read at least some of their email on the go (Yesmail), success in your email marketing efforts hangs on your ability to engage a mobile email audience.

Not sold? You’re missing out on a 30% boost in your click rate. Just before the first of the year, Litmus reported that the first link in a responsively designed email on a mobile device maintains a 30% higher click rate than that same link in a non-responsive design. Consumers’ biggest turnoffs? Twenty-one percent say they can’t stand receiving messages that are not formatted to be read on their phone.

Consider for a minute what 30% means to your bottom line. Yesmail reported that in 2015, email-generated purchases placed on the Android smartphone grew by almost 50% YoY while Experian has noted that the iPhone is solely responsible for 40% of mobile email transactions. With more than 70% of mobile purchasing decisions being influenced by promotional email and the value of the mobile click more than doubling that of the desktop click — marketers literally cannot afford to ignore the mobile email.

The value of that mobile email click only amplifies when you add email monetization to your strategy with the delivery of highly targeted, mobile-optimized offers. Boost your returns further with 100% mobile inbox deliverability and you have the perfect storm for reliable and effective email marketing plus a consistent new revenue stream.