The Art of Mobile Conversions

By AdStation | March 14th, 2013 | Categories: AdStation

Mobile advertising is where it’s at right now, and the industry is growing faster than anyone could have predicted. Current forecasts suggest that revenue from mobile advertising will top $11.4 billion this year, with retailers consistently reporting a significant increase in traffic from mobile users. Yet, many advertisers will miss out on this gold mine because they don’t understand the importance of optimizing their sites for mobile. Those who are 100% optimized already know that mobile ads can drive more conversions at a lower cost than PC ads.

If you are going to go mobile, you have to go all the way. Running a banner ad in a social gaming app or news app is a great start, but if those ad clicks are still sending people to a landing page that isn’t optimized for mobile viewing – and purchasing – then you just blew a wad of budget and valuable time. When a smartphone user taps a mobile ad but ends up on a page formatted for a PC, she won’t stick around. Mark that visit down as a wasted impression and kiss that conversion goodbye. Your mobile marketing strategy must be optimized from the very first to the very last click.

For the past several months, some advertising agencies have been implementing their “Mobile Optimization Initiative” by testing mobile-optimized creatives for their CPA advertisers. Those test runs have shown an impressive 20%-40% hike in conversion rates. The ads maintain the look, feel and brand integrity of traditional landing pages, but are optimized for mobile users. Consumers won’t be able to tell the difference. In addition to increased conversion rates, the new creatives also offer improved CTC capabilities, easy content navigation and a more user-friendly experience – all features that retain loyal customers and generate new ones. Those advertising agencies are so excited about these new mobile-optimized CPA ads that they are offering service free of charge to members of their advertising network.

With the number of U.S. smartphone users expected to grow to more than 192 million between now and 2016, mobile optimization is no longer just a marketing option. It’s a business necessity.