Build Trust, Strengthen Relationships

By AdStation | June 17th, 2014 | Categories: Email Marketing, SEO & SEM, Social Media
Build trust

Trust takes a lifetime to build and a second to destroy. The phrase “connection economy” speaks volumes about this adage – consumers want to feel connected to the companies they do business with, and trust is what cements that foundation.

So when you send an email, or post a status, or preview a video, ask yourself if it helps your customer connect with you. Is it helpful? Relevant? Timely? Useful? How does it benefit them, not you?

The more you can be of value to your customer, the more they will want to do business with you. Be open, upfront and transparent; when you’re not, people will find out and their reactions will be negative and swift. Made a mistake? Own it. Something’s broken? Tell them before they tell you. Suffered a data breach? You break the news.

Trust is also built with perception. Take a look at your brand from a customer’s point of view. Consider what your existing audience says about you — word-of-mouth speaks volumes and can make or break a potential relationship. Appreciate that you’re, oftentimes, asking your audience to trust you with their brand and a significant investment. Does your company appear worthy of such trust? A visual appeal may speak just as loudly as the quality and effectiveness of your service or product.

All of the tips above can improve your marketing and your business, but it will be all for naught if you cannot sustain it. Even the best marketing in the universe can’t make up for poor customer service or a shoddy product. Under-promise and over-deliver. Be better than expected.