How To Measure Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective forms of communicating to your audience online. The proverbial holy grail. Here’s why… According to research conducted by Nielsen, 27% of customers subscribe to in-store emails to stay informed, and a surprising 27% of online shoppers subscribe to receive coupons and discounts. With those surprising statistics, it’s obvious that …

How The Best Email Marketing Campaigns Define Their Goals

How The Best Email Marketing Campaigns Define Their Goals

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Have you ever wondered How The Best Email Marketing Campaigns Define Their Goals? Top industry content marketers tap into a strategy that we’re going to explore further, but before we do, we thought we’d share some interesting facts that may surprise you! Did you know, 91% of consumers check their inbox at least once a day? Most of us are …


Content Valuation and Monetization

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Content Monetization is a term that is used frequently in today’s marketing world. But what does it mean? How do you assign value to words or images? Subhub defines content as “anything that can be digitized and delivered from the creator to the consumer over the Internet. This includes text, images, music, video and software.” To monetize something “is to …


Churn Rate and Its Effect on Business

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How do you calculate whether your marketing efforts are working? Do you look at your email open rates? Do you check your click-through percentages? Have you ever calculated your churn rate? Do you know the lifetime value of a customer? These are all effective ways to tell if your marketing efforts are causing the desired results. An important factor to any …


What’s in Your Email?

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Does your company have an effective email marketing campaign? Of course it does. We all want to believe we are great and what we have to say is equally as great. Yet the truth is, if we aren’t looking at the reports and continuously tweaking our programs, we are not being effective. We know what we want to say, but …


How Social Can Grow Your Email List

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How many social media sites do you visit in a day? In an hour? Of the American population, 76% own at least one social media account. Three out of four Americans are interacting within the social sphere regularly.  This number has tripled in the past nine years.  It is no wonder there has been so much attention given to the …


Churn Rate – Why Are They Leaving?

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Did you know that every year, no matter how hard you work at increasing your email subscriber list you will likely have about a 25% attrition or churn rate? That equates to one in four email addresses on your list dropping off for one reason or another. Also meaning that your email building efforts need to stay ahead of your …


Gamification & Retention

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In a world with so many options, retailers and companies are looking for alternative ways to retain their customers. In doing so they are thinking outside the box and combining the fun of gaming with the ability to gain and retain loyal customers. Retention can be costly, so if a company can keep a customer happy and coming back through …