Mobile email

Mobile Email Offers Out-Performing All Other Email

Laura Noll Benchmarks, Delivery

New data released in the industry is causing a stir around mobile email. With recent reports stating that mobile email conversion rates jumped 70% in the last year and that offers are the mobile widely preferred content to receive, mailers are quickly jumping on board to deliver mobile optimized email offers to make money from their lists. AdStation collected current …

Audience engagement

Measuring the True Value of Audience Engagement Across Digital Media

Laura Noll Content and Creative, Delivery

The success of your digital marketing initiatives can be easily measured by engagement. The level of interaction created between your brand and your audience in the digital space can be very telling when it comes to the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. But, not all engagement is created equal and it’s important that you mind which types of engagement are …

Why email

Why Email? Why Not?

Laura Noll Content and Creative

A dirty little secret: most of my blog posts begin as questions someone asked. In truth, it makes it easier to have a conversation and relay information than to just regurgitate marketing messages you don’t really want to hear. You can thank me later. All too often, though, I get caught up answering those questions in a how you should …

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3 Easy Steps for Improving Your Content Archives

Laura Noll Content and Creative

Content archives play hugely beneficial roles in keeping traffic rolling through your site and fueling your monetization efforts. As you add content to your website — through a blog, landing page or otherwise — you are adding to the library of keywords that can help you to be found online. With proper SEO optimization and maintenance of those keywords, your …


4 Tips for Creating Relevant Content

Laura Noll Content and Creative

Plenty of times, we’ve talked about content relevance being a key factor in achieving great open rates and consistent email deliverability. But just how do you build that relevance? Know who you want to talk with and ensure that your audience is the same audience that’s already on your website and engaging with your brand. Know their interests and what …


Make More Money Faster with New Email Monetization Upgrades

Laura Noll Monetization

The crew at AdStation has done it again. We’ve added new upgrades to our already popular email monetization platform so that it’s now easier than ever for mailers to make money by sending offers. Our automated offer engine is known throughout the industry for its advanced targeting capabilities. Leveraging a database of more than 1.5 billion consumer profiles, it identifies key …

Email personalization

Email Personalization Fails Can Seriously Work Against You

Laura Noll Uncategorized

Hi %%USER NAME%%! Time and time again, email personalization has proven its value. However, all too often, inboxes are filled with wild attempts at connecting that aren’t actually all that effective. And in the situation in which your personalization efforts fail completely — it can actually work against you. Today, I opened an email based on the subject line to …

Email growth

New Stats Show Growth in Email Use

Laura Noll Benchmarks

New data released by shows that email use in the US has not only grown, but is expected to continue its growth through 2019. Stats have shown a 6.3% increase in the number of email users since 2013 — rising to 232.8 million users in 2015. The growth is attributed to email being a key method of online communication …

New features

Take a Look at the Newest AdStation Upgrades

Laura Noll Monetization

The AdStation engineers have done it again. Adding to our already popular automated email offer engine — we’ve empowered publishers with more control over their offer distribution and monetization strategies. Leveraging our database of more than 1.5 billion consumer profiles, you can identify key details about your audience, then deliver hyper-targeted offers to email addresses on your list. Simply connect …

List growth

5 Simple Strategies for Growing Your Email List

Laura Noll Compliance, Content and Creative

Your email list is quite possibly your most valuable connection to your audience. If maintained well, the natural growth of your list can help you to make trusted, honest connections with users that truly want to receive your content. Organic growth can take quite a bit of time — but there are solutions for expediting the process without severely sacrificing …